Alay Buhay

Alay Buhay is a people-oriented development organization committed to pursue community-driven & capability building programs & services through Education, Livelihood and Enterprise Projects geared to contribute to national development.


"As a people-oriented organization, we commit to pursue community-driven and capability-building programs and services thru education, livelihood and enterprise development projects geared to contribute to national development.”

Company Overview

Alay Buhay Community Development Foundation, Inc. (Alay Buhay) is dedicated to service with, for and towards the marginalized, allowing them to give life to their aspirations through the realization of the potentials that lie
within them.

Alay Buhay is spearheaded by a Board of Trustees composed of civic and business leaders headed by its Chairman and President, Antonio LL. Sayo. Other members of... the Board of Trustees include Atty. Alexander Lacson, Mr. Rodolfo Mallari (also Treasurer), Ms. Lucina Biscocho-Logan, Mr. Bienvenido Nito, Mr. Wesley Gatchalian and Atty. Miguel Varela. Its Executive Director is Mr. Crisanto Sabino.

1986 was the inception of the organization, then still called Alay Buhay Educational Foundation, Inc. Inspired by the spirit imbibed by Filipinos despite the difficulties typical to life lived in a struggling third world country, the Founder and trustees then had the desire to give hope to poor Filipino especially the children.
From a simple street-based education as initial project, Alay Buhay has evolved into a dynamic institution with diversified and holistic, transformation programmes such as scholarship, microfinance, enterprise development, capacity building, community organising and empowerment.


To develop a self-sustaining organization responsive to the needs of targeted communities.

To mobilize local and international resources to support Alay Buhay’s development efforts and initiatives.

To partner with communities and organizations towards the fruition of the vision and mission of Alay Buhay.