Running for Congress

Alay Buhay has been established in 1986 to primarily help the poor thru Educational Support Programs with the understanding that one way for a Poor family to get out of the poverty trap is to educate their children. With poor children going to highh school and having technical skills thru two-year techincal education, employment would be relatively easier to come by.
Livelihood programs
In 1990, AB established a livelihood program so that the unemployed can easily enter into small but easy-to-manage livelihood programs to be able to
have continuiing source of funds. Its trustees, other than their own individual experience, were more exposed to the problems of the micro entrepreneurs thru AB's Livelihood and Microfinance programs. Significantly, with its 10 branches exposed to a growing number of unemployed who to access to AB's programs and MF, the trustees saw an opportunity in running as a sectoral party list to primarily help the marginalized -- the Urban Poor.
It run in 201